Is Startup Growth Hacking What My Business Needs?

How to Drive Success Using Proven Startup Growth Hacking Techniques

Growth Hacking9 min read

From growing your database and creating referral programs, to establishing partnerships with your customers, Mentorcam knows the way.

7 Tips to Improve Your B2B SaaS Lead Generation Strategy

Rev Up Your B2B SaaS Lead Generation With These 7 Tips

Content Marketing1 min read

Lead generation is the beating heart of your B2B SaaS company. Without leads, you have no users; without users, it’s not long before you have no business. Try our seven best tips for generating B2B SaaS leads with ease.

How Pablo Palafox's Mentor Taught Him to Build Sales Skills as a Coder

How Pablo Palafox Used Mentorship to Build Sales Skills as a Coder

Angel Funding2 min read

Pablo and his mentor have talked a lot about how to do sales and how to think about the customer. Things that, having a technical background, aren't traditionally his strong suit.

Effective strategies for acquiring enterprise customers as a new startup in B2B SaaS

Master Enterprise Customer Acquisition in the B2B SaaS Industry

Content Marketing1 min read

Standing out in a market as crowded as B2B SaaS isn’t simple. But with the right approach to your funnel, your early stage startup can attract and retain enterprise customers.

Best KPIs for Different Types of Startups

Which KPIs to Measure for Different Types of Startups

Social Media Marketing8 min read

There are countless key performance indicators, but you probably only need to worry about a few of them. Understanding your startup’s goals is the secret to understanding which metrics are relevant to you.

28 Startups You Can Launch While You’re a Student

The 28 Best Startup & Small Business Ideas For Students In 2022

Artificial Intelligence1 min read

No degree? No problem. You don’t need to wait until you graduate to begin building your startup. Check out these 28 startup ideas you can put into action while you’re still a student.

How to Close Your First Sale

Everything You Need to Know to Close Your First Sale

Growth Hacking1 min read

Closing any sale is hard, and closing your first sale is even harder. Here’s what you need to know to get your business’s sales numbers off the ground.

8 Steps to Develop a SaaS Sales Funnel

How to Build a SaaS Sales Funnel in 8 Steps

Organic Growth9 min read

Your sales funnel is the key to converting leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Here’s what you need to know about SaaS sales funnels and the best steps to building one successfully.

Roy Chung

Roy Chung

Co-founder –, SaaS Expert
Y Combinator

Roy Chung is the co-founder and former COO of, a $1.6B unicorn sales automation startup backed by Sequoia Capital, Y Combinator, and Bain Capital, among others. Roy is also a General Partner at JoyFund and LP in multiple VC funds like Pioneer, GTM, and LionHeart. Before founding more

$425 / 30 mins

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Sascha Eder

Sascha Eder

Founder & CEO – NewtonX, Ex-McKinsey Consultant
McKinsey & Company

Sascha Eder is the founder and CEO of NewtonX, a B2B enterprise research startup that has raised $40M+ in venture capital. Prior to NewtonX, Sascha was a management consultant spending time at both McKinsey & Co. and the Boston Consulting Group, as well as as a financial analyst at P&G. more

$250 / 30 mins

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Sam Hodges

Sam Hodges

Founder – Vouch, InsurTech Expert
Y Combinator

Sam Hodges is the co-founder and CEO of Vouch, a venture-backed commercial insurance business focused on serving the needs of high-growth companies. Previously, Sam served as co-founder and U.S. Managing Director for Funding Circle, a leading global lending platform for small businesses, more

$350 / 30 mins

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