Benji Elster says advice from his mentors has been worth millions

Benji Elster Says Advice From His Mentors has Been Worth Millions

Growth Hacking4 min read

Wanting to scale business skills to meet the needs of his growing business, Benji Elster decided to reach out to Mentorcam. He says that mentorship has helped him make critical choices on how to best move his company forward.

Assigning Deliverables for Better Project Management

How to Assign Deliverables that Hold You Accountable

CEO7 min read

Assigning and managing deliverables is one of the most important parts of ensuring successful project outcomes. Read this guide to learn more about how you should approach deliverables for your projects.

What Kind of Equity Split Is Best for Startup Co-founders?

How to Split Equity Among Co-founders

CEO6 min read

Carefully considering how you’ll split equity is one of the keys to startup success. No matter how promising a startup looks, it’s unlikely to last long if an over-hasty equity decision deteriorates co-founder relationships.

Carl Carell

Carl Carell

Co-founder & CRO – GetAccept, Y Combinator Alum
Y Combinator

Carl Carell is the Co-founder and CRO of GetAccept, an all-in-one digital sales room platform helps salespeople win more B2B deals. GetAccept has raised more than $30M in venture funding from Bessemer Venture Partners, Y Combinator, Amino Capital and DN Capital. Carl has co-founded more

$225 / 30 mins

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Christian Solomine

Christian Solomine

Founder - Fractional CRO Startup Sales Expert
Fractional CRO
Athlete X Corporation

Christian is a 5x sales leader and currently is the CEO & Founder of, a firm that specializes in providing growth guidance to Seed through Series B startups. During his career spanning over 20 years, he has held numerous executive roles, leading and building worldwide more

$250 / 30 mins

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Austin Sherman

Austin Sherman

Founder – Big Easy Bucha, CPG Expert
Big Easy Bucha
Southbound Tequila

Austin founded and was the CEO of Big Easy, a producer of healthy, refreshing, and organic functional beverages which retails at more than 4,000 locations nationwide. Austin started this business from his apartment, eventually scaling to 8 figures in annual net revenue, and selling Big more

$125 / 30 mins

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