28 Startups You Can Launch While You’re a Student

The 28 Best Startup & Small Business Ideas For Students In 2022

Artificial Intelligence1 min read

No degree? No problem. You don’t need to wait until you graduate to begin building your startup. Check out these 28 startup ideas you can put into action while you’re still a student.

21 Innovative Startup Ideas | 2022's Hottest Industries

21 Innovative Startup Ideas | 2022's Hottest Industries

Software Development15 min read

No startup idea? No problem. Here are 21 ideas for innovative tech startups in 2022’s hottest industries.

Amir Tarighat

Amir Tarighat

Co-founder & CEO – Agency, Y Combinator Alum
Y Combinator

Amir Tarighat is the co-founder and CEO of Agency, an enterprise cybersecurity startup backed by Y Combinator (W22). He is a software developer and cybersecurity expert who enjoys advising founders on early-stage sales, GTM, and fundraising. Amir graduated from Harvard University with a more

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