The Challenges of Entrepreneurship: All You Need To Know Before Taking The Leap

The 6 Biggest Challenges of Entrepreneurship in 2023

Organic Growth1 min read

Entrepreneurship is a high-risk, high-reward undertaking. Learn which challenges to watch out for and what you can do to overcome them.

Taking Your Company Public: What Experts Mean When This Happens

Taking Your Company Public: Here’s What You Should Know First

Enterprise Sales1 min read

An initial public offering, or IPO, is a huge milestone for a startup or small business. But how do you know when an IPO is the right move for your company? Find out what “going public” really means and what you should expect.

Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Essential Tips for Success

Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Essential Tips for Success

CEO11 min read

Negotiation is an art, a science, and a crucial life skill that everyone—whether a CEO or an everyday consumer—should master. We've enlisted some of the most seasoned negotiators to mentor you in honing this invaluable skill.

10 Steps to Become an Entrepreneur

How to Become an Entrepreneur: Essential Skills for Success in 2023

Angel Funding8 min read

Discover the top strategies and key tips to become a successful entrepreneur. Learn from experts and transform your business dreams into a reality.

The Ten Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

The Ten Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

CEO1 min read

No one builds a business from scratch all by themselves. Check out 10 of the best tips for business owners from mentors who have been there.

5 Tips for Successful Online Mentoring

5 Tips for Successful Online Mentoring

CEO7 min read

Online mentorship requires a specific set of mentoring skills. Find out how to start mentoring online more successfully with these 5 tips.

How Solal Kaufmann used Mentorcam to navigate fundraising in 2023

How Solal Kaufmann Used Mentorcam to Navigate Fundraising in 2023

Venture Capital1 min read

Solal Kaufmann used Mentorcam to make sure he was building his company the right way from the start. Working with Robin Daniels, he was able to get clarity about the direction he should take his company in the current fundraising climate.

 Benji Elster says advice from his mentors has been worth millions

Benji Elster Says Advice From His Mentors has Been Worth Millions

Growth Hacking4 min read

Wanting to scale business skills to meet the needs of his growing business, Benji Elster decided to reach out to Mentorcam. He says that mentorship has helped him make critical choices on how to best move his company forward.

6 Tips for Standing Out in Your Y Combinator Interview

6 Tips to Standing Out in Your Y Combinator Interview

CEO5 min read

Your Y Combinator interview can make or break your startup’s chance of getting into YC. Use these six tips to help you prepare.

5 Steps to Successful Startup Product Development

5 Steps to Successful Startup Product Development

Growth Hacking1 min read

Product development is a long and difficult process, but it’s also extremely rewarding when you’re finally ready to launch. Follow these five essential steps for a smooth startup product development experience.

What Is Pre-seed Funding? How to Raise a Pre-seed Round

What is Pre Seed Funding and How Do you Raise It?

Angel Funding8 min read

The pre-seed funding stage is easily misunderstood, but getting it right can be what sets your startup on the path to success. Learn about when you should pursue pre-seed funding and how you can find the right pre-seed investors for your business.

Nail Your YC Application Questions with these 5 Tips

5 Tips for Nailing YC Application Questions

Product Development1 min read

A spot in Y Combinator’s coveted startup accelerator program is not easy to get. Use these five tips to help you craft the perfect application.

How to Build Your Network to Connect with Investors

How to Build Your Network to Connect with Investors

Angel Funding8 min read

Getting advice from a qualified mentor is one of the best ways to expand your investor network. Learn how to find the right investors, get introductions, and close successful deals with guidance from a mentor.

How Clint Rogers Leverages Mentorship to Learn Startup Skills Faster

How Clint Rogers Used Mentorship to Learn Startup Skills Faster

Venture Capital4 min read

With Mentorcam, Clint Rogers could find a mentor to give him personalized advice on tackling any sort of challenge. See what he got to learn from leaders who have overcome those obstacles themselves.

7 Questions to ask VCs for a Winning Relationship

7 Questions Every Startup Founder Should Ask VCs

Angel Funding8 min read

It’s very important to start off your relationship with a potential investor on the right foot. Here are seven of the best questions to ask potential VCs to make sure both parties get the most out of the partnership.

VCs vs Angel Investors: How Can They Help Your Startup?

Angel Investor vs VC: How Are They Different?

Angel Funding1 min read

Venture capital firm or angel investor? For many startup founders, this can be a tough decision. Here are the key differences you need to understand before you choose.

Why Mentorship was Key to Andrew Smith's Successful Fundraise

Why Mentorship was a Key Ingredient to Andrew Smith's Successful Fundraise

Angel Funding4 min read

Andrew says that what set his successful fundraise in motion was his experience with Mentorcam and the mentors that he met through there.

7 Tips for Networking at a Startup Conference

How to Confidently Network at a Startup Conference

Founder8 min read

Networking events can seem intimidating for new and experienced startup founders alike. Here are a few essential tips to help you navigate your next startup conference more successfully.

Building a Go-to-market Strategy in 7 Steps

How to Create a Go-to-market Strategy

Product Development8 min read

Creating the perfect go-to-market strategy isn’t easy — but it’s worth the effort. The better your plan, the better the chance your next product launch will be a smash success.

How Christian Durfee's Mentor Helped "Hyper Speed" His Pre-seed Round

How Christian Durfee's Mentor Helped "Hyper Speed" His Pre-seed Round

Angel Funding3 min read

Christian says he got exactly what he was looking for in a mentor. Someone who loves to get in the trenches with founders and help build out.

7 Tips for Negotiating a Term Sheet

How To Negotiate a Term Sheet

Angel Funding6 min read

Term sheet negotiations may appear complicated, but they typically come down to a few key issues. Here are our best tips for navigating the process.

How Pablo Palafox's Mentor Taught Him to Build Sales Skills as a Coder

How Pablo Palafox Used Mentorship to Build Sales Skills as a Coder

Angel Funding2 min read

Pablo and his mentor have talked a lot about how to do sales and how to think about the customer. Things that, having a technical background, aren't traditionally his strong suit.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Founders

Startups Are Lonely

Founder6 min read

When you constantly compare your startup’s progress to the buzz you see about other successful startups, it can start to feel like you’re the only founder who doesn’t have it together. However, you may not be getting the whole story.

Best KPIs for Different Types of Startups

Which KPIs to Measure for Different Types of Startups

Social Media Marketing8 min read

There are countless key performance indicators, but you probably only need to worry about a few of them. Understanding your startup’s goals is the secret to understanding which metrics are relevant to you.

Why Your Startup Needs a Founder Stock Vesting Agreement

What Is Founder Stock Vesting and How Does It Work?

Angel Funding6 min read

Founder vesting agreements can be a sensitive matter — but it’s crucial for founding teams to consider stipulating a vesting period for everyone’s protection.

How Sagar Chopra's Mentor Helped Him Find the Blindspots in His Business Strategy

How Sagar Chopra's Mentor Helped Him Find Blindspots in His Business Strategy

Business Development3 min read

Advice from his mentor fundamentally shifted how Sagar thought about his business and what he was prioritizing.

The Top 6 Traits Founders Should Look For in Investors

What Should Founders Look For in an Investor?

Venture Capital6 min read

Before long, nearly every founder has to confront the issue of funding — but simply jumping at the first offer you get could be a big mistake.

What Is A Startup MVP & How To Build One?

What Is A Startup MVP & How To Build One?

Product Development1 min read

If you’ve been putting off launching a minimum viable product, you might be holding back your startup without even knowing it.

13 Smart Methods To Raise Money For a Startup

13 Smart Methods To Raise Money For a Startup

Angel Funding10 min read

Nearly every startup or small business can benefit from some extra capital. The best way to get it depends on your situation. Check out our roundup of the 13 best methods for raising money for your startup.

7 Ways Investors Evaluate Startups

How Do Investors Evaluate Startups?

Venture Capital1 min read

Investors know exactly what they’re looking for before you walk in the door. If you want the best shot at impressing them, you should know what they’re looking for, too.

What Type of Business Entity Should Your Company Be?

Types of Business Entities and Which to Pick

CEO7 min read

The type of legal entity you choose to register your business as has a major impact on your taxes, legal liability, fundraising options, and more. It’s not a decision to take lightly.

What is A Startup Accelerator and Should You Apply to One?

What Is A Startup Accelerator and Should You Apply to One?

Founder6 min read

A spot at a coveted startup accelerator program like Y Combinator can be transformative for a company, and helps leapfrog several barriers it might otherwise face.

How To Find The Right Investors For Your Startup

How to Find The Right Investors for Your Startup

Angel Funding4 min read

There is a lot going on behind the scenes when a startup seeks and receives funding. Fundraising is a careful process of finding an investor who believes in your vision and can be a long-term partner in your startup journey.

7 Tips for Building a List of Target Investors

How to Make a List of Target Investors

Angel Funding4 min read

Your list of target investors is your roadmap to securing startup funding. Take these tips into consideration as you choose which investors to focus your efforts toward.

What Kind of Equity Split Is Best for Startup Co-founders?

How to Split Equity Among Co-founders

CEO6 min read

Carefully considering how you’ll split equity is one of the keys to startup success. No matter how promising a startup looks, it’s unlikely to last long if an over-hasty equity decision deteriorates co-founder relationships.

Which Types of Investors Fund Startups?

8 Different Types of Investors for Startups

Angel Funding1 min read

Every startup needs investors, but not every investor is the right fit. As a founder, it's important to understand which types of investors are the best match for each round.

How You Can Use FOMO to Close a Funding Round

How to Create FOMO to Close a Funding Round For Your Startup

Venture Capital5 min read

Every startup investor is hunting for the next success story—and many of them are afraid they’ll miss it when it comes along. Find out how founders can benefit.

The Mental Obstacles of Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship Can Be Lonely

Founder8 min read

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding career choice—but it’s also a lonely one. Find out why entrepreneurs face a greater risk of mental illness and learn what you can do about it.

5 Ways to Improve Your Y Combinator Application

5 Tips for a Successful Y Combinator Application

Founder6 min read

Thinking of applying to Y Combinator? So are approximately 9,999 other startups this cycle. Use these 5 tips to help your application rise above the rest.

9 Simple Steps to Creating a Winning Pitch Deck. Best performing templates in 2022

9 Simple Steps to Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

CEO6 min read

Your pitch deck is one of the most important tools to help you fund your business venture. Learn how to build a better pitch deck in nine simple steps.

How to Raise a Seed Round in 5 Easy Steps

Raising a Seed Round Confidently: 5 Steps

Venture Capital8 min read

Raising a seed round is hard work. Check out these 5 tips for getting investors interested in your startup.

Alexandra Zatarain

Alexandra Zatarain

Co-founder – Eight Sleep, Y Combinator Alum
Eight Sleep
Y Combinator

Alexandra Zatarain is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Eight Sleep, the world's first sleep fitness company. Eight Sleep solves sleep's most pressing issues through innovation and cutting-edge technology. The Pod, its best-selling product, has a cult-like more

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T Zhu

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T Zhu is the co-founder of Tellus, a smart savings platform powered by real estate backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Alumni Ventures and Decent Capital. He previously founded and scaled a number of companies, including Sodacan, a social consumer mobile app startup that released Sip, an more

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Jacob Jaber

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Jacob Jaber is the Co-Founder & Chairman of Philz Coffee. As CEO for nearly two decades, Jacob grew Philz from the original coffee shop in San Francisco's Mission District to more than 70 locations across the country. Jacob has raised more than $100 million in funding from investors. more

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