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Jessica Ann
Jessica Ann

Jessica Ann

Podcast Producer,
NBC News, Sirius XM

Jessica Ann Biography

Jessica Ann has a diverse background working in media, pioneering the first women's channel on Sirius XM radio and spearheading its podcasting initiative, where she worked with shows like Oprah and Friends, the Bob Edwards show and Opie and Anthony. Jessica is the Founder and Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media {JAM}, which helps start and scale businesses with content strategy. She has helped launch digital content strategies with some of the world’s most iconic brands like Adobe, Getty Images and Verizon. She is the author of, "Humanize Your Brand: How to Create Content that Connects with Your Customers", and the host of the Apple recognized podcast, "The Art of Humanity", where she interviews authors, artists and entrepreneurs. She has interviewed prominent guests like Seth Godin, James Altucher, Douglas Rushkoff and has spoken at Google's headquarters in New York City, as well as at many of the world's largest events including SXSW.

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