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Jill Willard

Meditation Leader, Author - Intuitive Being


Acclaimed author of, “Intuitive Being” (Harpers Elixir 2016), speaker, meditator and teacher, Jill Willard is a gifted leader who has been working with children and families for over twenty-five years. Her wisdom and expertise focuses mainly on the connection between the brain, our body and our choices. Through Jill's book and programs, Intuitive Meditation and The Present Program, she shares simple tools for shifting old patterning behaviors and how they affect our current life experience - often without our knowing. Her guidance has assisted many - from families to CEOs, creatives to digital tech leaders, professional athletes and community philanthropists. Jill's work has been praised on Goop, Vogue, Well+Good, Refinery 29, Ted Talks, mindbodygreen, Omega Institute, Cosmopolitan and various podcasts including Dr. Taz and Almost30.

Ask Jill how to

  • Adopt a peaceful state of mind
  • Find keys to harmony and vitality
  • Begin a habitual meditation practice
  • Maintain mind and body awareness
  • How to trust your intuition

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