How do I become more mindful?

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Mona Koeberle

Certified NLP Practitioner, Meditation CoachCertified NLP Practitioner,
Meditation Coach


A board-certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Mona Koeberle has more than 200 different techniques her toolbox. She is an acclaimed specialist in the fi... read more

What people ask Mona

  • How do I become more mindful?
  • How do I achieve clarity of thought?
  • How can find inner peace?
  • How do I become more confident?
  • What are the keys to happiness in my life?
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Michele Meiche

Meditation Author, Life CoachMeditation Author,
Life Coach


Michele Meiché is a Transpersonal Therapist, a Dream Therapist, a Hypnotherapist, Author of Meditation for Everyday Living and Podcast Host of one of the leadin... read more

What people ask Michele

  • How do I become more mindful?
  • How do I sleep better?
  • How can interpret my dreams?
  • How do I clear self-sabotaging behaviors?
  • How do I enhance my relationships?