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starting at $20

Dave Kerpen

NYT Bestselling Author, Serial EntrepreneurNYT Bestselling Author,
Serial Entrepreneur


Dave Kerpen is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and global keynote speaker. Dave is the co-founder and co-CEO of Apprentice, a platfor... read more

What people ask Dave

  • How do I create better sales pitches?
  • Where do I start if I want to build my own ad agency?
  • What can I do to improve my presentation skills?
  • How do I get good at networking and get people to like me?
  • How do I scale my business without external funding?
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starting at $10

Joe Coyne

Venture Capitalist, Harvard MBAVenture Capitalist,
Harvard MBA


Joe Coyne is a Venture Capitalist focused on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses from day one to exit. Joe’s experience spans Venture Capital, Private ... read more

What people ask Joe

  • How do I get to product-market fit?
  • How do I find investors?
  • How do I find the right co-founder?
  • Can you help me improve my investor pitch?
  • How do I break into venture capital as a career?
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starting at $50

Edvard Engesaeth, MD

Co-founder Nurx, Y Combinator AlumCo-founder Nurx,
Y Combinator Alum


Dr. Edvard "Eddie" Engeseath, MD is the Co-founder of telehealth startup Nurx , angel investor, startup advisor, and former family physician. He founded Nurx to... read more

What people ask Edvard

  • How do I split equity with my co-founders?
  • What are your best tips to raise a seed round?
  • What is the optimal structure for a pitch deck?
  • How do I get into Y Combinator?
  • Where do I find angel investors?