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Semi Ojeleye

NBA Player, Milwaukee BucksNBA Player,
Milwaukee Bucks


Semi Ojeleye is an American professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. He played college basketball for both Duke University and Souther... read more

What people ask Semi

  • What can I do to trim body fat and lose weight?
  • What can I do to be healthier?
  • How can I become a professional basketball player?
  • How do I set clear goals and stick to them?
  • How do I motivate myself to get in shape?
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Hope Solo

Team USA World Cup Winner, 2x Olympic Gold MedalistTeam USA World Cup Winner,
2x Olympic Gold Medalist


Hope Solo is a World Cup champion and a two-time Olympic gold medalist goalkeeper with the women's USA national soccer team. One of the most recognizable figure... read more

What people ask Hope

  • How can I maintain a balanced lifestyle?
  • How do I develop self-discipline?
  • How do I become a college-level athlete?
  • How do I train to become a champion?
  • How do I become more confident?
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Vince Papale

Philadelphia Eagles Legend, Motivational SpeakerPhiladelphia Eagles Legend,
Motivational Speaker


Vince Papale is a former professional American football player with the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. At age 30, Vince became the oldest rookie in the history... read more

What people ask Vince

  • How can I unlock my potential?
  • How do I overcome life obstacles?
  • How do I set clear goals?
  • How can I perform at my best?
  • How do I develop mental toughness?
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Jennifer King

NFL Coach, Washington Football TeamNFL Coach,
Washington Football Team


Jennifer King is an assistant coach with the Washington Football Team in the NFL. Following a successful 12 year college basketball coaching career which includ... read more

What people ask Jennifer

  • How do I motivate myself to perform at peak levels?
  • How do I become a full-time coach?
  • How can I get a job in pro sports?
  • How do overcome life obstacles?
  • How can I position myself for a career in sports?
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Chad Owens

Ex-NFL Player, 2x Grey Cup ChampionEx-NFL Player,
2x Grey Cup Champion


Chad Owens is a former professional football player. A CFL MVP and 2x Grey Cup winner, Chad has had a long and decorated career in the CFL and NFL. Chad's path ... read more

What people ask Chad

  • How can I have a career in professional sports?
  • How do I overcome performance anxiety?
  • How do unlock my potential?
  • How do I prepare myself mentally for a big event?
  • How do I define and set life goals?
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Brian Mogg

PGA Tour Coach, Golf ProPGA Tour Coach,
Golf Pro


Since the 1990s, Brian Mogg has been a dominant force in the world of golf instruction. His students have won over 20 professional tour events along with a USGA... read more

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Danielle Mills

Ex-Tennis Pro, Career CoachEx-Tennis Pro,
Career Coach


As a retired professional tennis player and current founder & CEO of Headstrong, Danielle Mills helps people reach their fullest potential by unlocking a champi... read more

What people ask Danielle

  • How do I transition careers?
  • How do I stand out on LinkedIn?
  • How can I best prepare for my next job interview?
  • How do I get noticed by recruiters?
  • How do I prevent nervousness before an interview?