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Josh Campbell

starting at $30

Josh Campbell

CEO – Human Improvement,
Former Starbucks Executive

Brand building
and sales advice

Josh Campbell is the founder and CEO of protein supplement brand Human Improvement and wine brand So Gay Rosé. Formerly a Starbucks Executive and President of cannabis we...

  • Connect with Josh and learn about building food and wine brands

  • Ask about selling to retailers, e-commerce, finding suppliers

  • Get Josh's advice tailored to you and your specific situation

Lisa Curtis

starting at $30

Lisa Curtis

Founder & CEO – Kuli Kuli,
Forbes 30 Under 30

Social impact
and CPG GTM advice

Lisa Curtis is the founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli, the leading brand pioneering the superfood moringa in the US market. She began working on Kuli Kuli while in the Peace Co...

  • Connect with Lisa and get advice on building a social impact startup

  • Discuss how to raise capital, launch a startup in the social impact space, build an efficient supply chain for your business

  • Get Lisa's advice tailored to your needs

Billy Bosch

starting at $80

Billy Bosch

Founder – ICONIC Protein,
CPG Marketing Expert

Consumer GTM
and sales advice

William (Billy) Bosch is a consumer products entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience launching products, scaling into retail and e-commerce, and raising money. He i...

  • Connect with Billy and learn about launching consumer brands

  • Discuss branding, sales, fundraising for CPG brands

  • Get Billy's advice tailored to you and your specific business needs

Christen Nino De Guzman

starting at $100

Christen Nino De Guzman

Founder – Clara,
Ex-TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest

Brand building
and positioning

Christen Nino De Guzman is a content creator and the founder of Clara. Christen has more than 10 years of experience working with creators at companies such as Instagram,...

  • Connect with Christen and get advice on how to break into big tech

  • Discuss how to position yourself for a career in tech, identify opportunities, land the job you want

  • Get Christen's advice tailored to your career development needs

Aliya Jasmine

starting at $30

Aliya Jasmine

TV Host – NBC News,
Award-Winning Journalist

Journalism career
and branding advice

Aliya Jasmine, "AJ", is an award-winning television host, producer, and environmental journalist. AJ was the anchor of MTV News in Canada for over a decade and currently ...

  • Connect with Aliya and get advice on how to launch a career in broadcast journalism

  • Discuss how to pitch your business to the media, get covered by local news, build a compelling narrative around your brand

  • Get Aliya's advice tailored to your needs

John Jantsch

starting at $10

John Jantsch

Founder – Duct Tape Marketing,
Marketing Expert

Growth hacking
and marketing

John Jantsch is an author, speaker, and marketing consultant who specializes in assisting small businesses. He is the best-selling author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tap...

  • Connect with John and get advice on how to develop a systematic framework for marketing

  • Discuss how to improve your branding, automate your marketing workflows and optimize SEO for creating a profitable business

  • Get John's advice tailored to your marketing needs

Ryan Hogue

starting at $30

Ryan Hogue

Founder – Ryan's Method,
Passive Income Expert

Passive income

Ryan Hogue is a multi-million dollar FBA seller and an ecommerce expert specializing in providing passive income tips. He has built a loyal subscriber base of over 100K+ ...

  • Connect with Ryan and get advice on creating passive income online

  • Discuss how to start and scale ecommerce businesses, build a social media following for your business, generate revenue through social media

  • Get Ryan's advice tailored to your business needs

Danielle Stead

starting at $30

Danielle Stead

Founder – DSB,
Small Business Coach

Small business

Danielle Stead Blanton is an attorney, business coach and fitness instructor, working with small business owners to provide the tools, systems and education to create and...

  • Connect with Danielle and learn how to boostrap a business

  • Ask about starting a business, building a brand, marketing

  • Get Danielle's advice tailored to you and your specific situation