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Tristram Hewitt

Tristram Hewitt

Ex-VP of Operations - Turo
Startup Growth Expert


Tristram Hewitt is an experienced ops executive with a track record of scaling companies like Turo (Series B to E) and Outschool (Series A to D). His expertise covers customer ops, risk, insurance, go-to-market, and company operations in marketplaces, mobility, and edtech. Tristram excels at data-driven problem-solving and has prior experience at Bain. He got his degree from Harvard and holds his MBA from the University of Chicago.

Bain & Company
Harvard University
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Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Founder - JourneyEngine
SEO & Marketing Expert


Justin Thomas is the Founder of JourneyEngine, a content marketing agency specializing in EdTech. Over the past 15 years Justin has helped many startups grow, from start to exit and beyond. Justin has worked with several brands including Quantic, Valar Institute and Workvivo among others. Having analyzed hundreds of campaigns Justin has helped the brands he’s worked with to stop relying on paid traffic and generated millions of visits through organic SEO. Justin created JourneyEngine for businesses that want organic growth, without long-term retainers. Justin specializes in helping marketers build organic pipelines fast.

Organic growth
User acquisition
Viral content
Growth strategy
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Dan Bauer

Dan Bauer

President - Bauer & Associates Inc.
Marketing and Strategy Expert

Harvard Business School
MBA Exchange

Described as a "creative dynamo" by Inc. Magazine. A recognized expert in marketing and entrepreneurship, Dan Bauer founded The MBA Exchange education and career advisory firm ranked among the Inc. 5000. Since then, as head of Bauer & Associates, he has delivered high-impact, marketing guidance to clients ranging from Fortune 100 to startups in 30+ industries. Previously, he was SVP of Global Debit Marketing & Sales for MasterCard International and as VP of National Marketing for Citicorp. His career includes account management at DDB Needham and Ketchum Advertising. Bauer earned an MBA from Harvard Business School in general management and marketing. He ranked in the top 15% of his class in industry and competitive analysis.

SVP MasterCard
VP Citibank
Inc. 5000
Harvard MBA
Board Member MonogramGroup
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Anada Lakra

Anada Lakra

Co-Founder & CEO - BoldVoice
EdTech Expert

Y Combinator

Anada Lakra is the co-founder and CEO of BoldVoice, a Y Combinator-backed startup that provides accent training to non-native English speakers. Anada previously worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co. and as a product manager at Peloton. She graduated with honors from Harvard Business School and was named to the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list for Education in 2022.

Y Combinator alum
Forbes 30 Under 30
McKinsey & Co.
Harvard MBA
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What Does an Education Expert & Mentor Do?

Education technology (edtech) mentors play a pivotal role in guiding and supporting startup founders in the edtech industry, combining experience-based expertise in education and technology to provide advice to edtech founders. Edtech mentors typically come from backgrounds as founders of or investors in edtech companies of their own.

What Is an Edtech Startup?

An edtech startup is a company that leverages technology for the purpose of improving education. Edtech companies often provide technology solutions for traditional schools and universities (such as software for online classes), but they also create tools for professional training and development (such as paid courses for continuing education).

Most edtech startups develop specialized solutions such as online learning platforms and edtech software to enhance learning experiences and meet evolving needs in the education industry. Some of the most notable edtech examples include edtech platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Khan Academy, all of which grew from small startups into hugely influential players in the edtech space.

How Big Is the Edtech Industry?

The edtech industry is currently experiencing remarkable growth and its future looks very promising. According to a market analysis by Grand View Research, the global edtech market is projected to reach upwards of $348 billion in value by 2030, with a projected CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 13.6% from 2023 to 2030. This explosive growth is fueled by unprecedented demand for online education capabilities.

Much of this rising demand for online learning tools is due to the need for better online skills training for employees. In a report by McKinsey, edtech is named as a crucial enabler for organizations that seek to provide employees with continuous learning opportunities. Appropriate and effective tools for ongoing learning are essential for keeping employees’ critical skills up to date.

What Can an Edtech Mentor Do for You?

Edtech mentors can offer invaluable guidance to aspiring edtech entrepreneurs. Here are some of the key areas where an edtech advisor can support your startup journey:

Starting an education company is not easy. Early-stage edtech startups face many challenges, but with guidance from an experienced edtech mentor, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn how to start an edtech company with relative ease. Mentorcam’s edtech mentors can offer tailored feedback and support to help you fine-tune your edtech startup ideas and increase your chances of success.

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