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Lauren Gallo

Lauren Gallo

Brand Marketing - Nike
Branding Expert


Lauren Gallo is an award-winning, industry-leading marketing executive with expertise in global brand marketing and creative development. She has grown, defined and redefined some of the world’s most iconic brands, from Soho House to Apple to Snapchat to Nike. A proven leader, one of Lauren’s greatest skills—and greatest professional joys—is building and guiding high-performing, complex, multi-discipline teams. As a Forbes 30 under 30 Marketing & Advertising honoree, Ad Age 40 Under 40 and AdWeek Executive Mentor, Lauren is looked to as an industry thought leader.

AdAge 40 Under 40
Soho House
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Fredrik Syversen

Fredrik Syversen

Sales Consultant - Vinnsikt
Field Sales Expert


Fredrik Syversen is a renowned leadership and performance coach, with a proven track record of creating demonstrable results for both startups and global companies. His focus is on actionable sales and leadership training for both B2C and B2B clients. Fredrik is also a renowned public speaker and is frequently engaged by some of the top B2C businesses in the Nordic region for leadership training and motivational talks. His clients and experience include Falck Alarm, the Varner Group, and NextGentel to name a few.

Field sales
Sales leadership
Sales coaching
Sales strategy
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