We create meaningful
1-on-1 connections

Mentorcam connects people through personalized video messages
that offer advice, answer questions or build motivation.

Personalized content

Millions of people seek personal advice from the content
creators they love, but public figures are difficult to reach
and have little or no incentive to respond.

Mentorcam empowers content creators to transform wisdom
into cash by monetizing on questions from fans with
short personalized video messages.

Founding Team

  • Rune Hauge

    Rune Hauge


    Previously led growth and partnerships at startups backed by tier 1 investors such as KV and Thiel Capital.

  • Benjamin Balazs

    Benjamin Balazs


    Previously led product and software development at global brands like Lamborghini, Maserati and Visa.

We saved a seat for you

We’re a remote-first company. We’re proactive sharers, flexible schedulers, and generally cheerful collaborators — no matter where we’re working from.