The right mentor can make
a massive impact

We created Mentorcam so you can access otherwise inaccessible
mentors that help you and your business thrive.

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Mentorcam's mission

Mentorcam is on a mission to provide access to expert advice and mentors at scale. We are a platform where people can access highly accomplished mentors for 1:1 advice.

Getting access to the best mentors with specific expertise or getting time 1:1 with best-in-class experts has traditionally only been possible through strong, gated networks, or for an exorbitantly high fee.

On Mentorcam, anyone can access a network of world-class mentors instantly via live video calls and chat.


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Rune Hauge


Rune Hauge is the CEO of Mentorcam. Prior to co-founding Mentorcam, Rune founded three different startups and had...

Benjamin Balazs


Benjamin Balazs is the CTO of Mentorcam. Prior to co-founding Mentorcam, Benjamin held various product engineering...