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Nelson Dellis

starting at $50

Nelson Dellis

Grandmaster of Memory,
5 x USA Memory Champion

Learn how to
improve memory

Nelson Dellis is a 5 x USA Memory Champion and Grandmaster of Memory. He is regarded as one of the world's foremost memory experts. Nelson is also the Founder and CEO of ...

  • Connect with Nelson and learn the techniques that help you memorize anything

  • Discuss how to improve your memory, leverage memory for career success, train your mind

  • Get Nelson's advice tailored to your needs

Katharene Johnson

starting at $30

Katharene Johnson

VP – Activision Blizzard,
HR Industry Expert

Big tech career
and HR advice

Katharene Johnson is the VP of Human Resources at Activision Blizzard. She has over 15 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry, working for both smal...

  • Connect with Katharene and get advice on big tech, the gaming industry, and HR

  • Discuss how to develop a successful company culture, hire and retain the best people, break into tech and gaming

  • Get Katharene's advice tailored to your needs

Darren McBurnett

starting at $30

Darren McBurnett

Retired Navy SEAL,
Motivational Speaker

Tips & tricks on
becoming a SEAL

On the heels of a 24-year career as a Navy SEAL, Darren McBurnett has become an accomplished speaker and motivator, presenting to companies and groups including CDW, Budw...

  • Connect with Darren and learn about becoming a Navy SEAL

  • Ask about careers in the military, how to prep for SEAL tests, going through the intake process

  • Get Darren's advice tailored to you and your specific situation

Scott Monty

starting at $10

Scott Monty

Former Ford Executive,
Communication Coach

Job interview

Scott Monty is an executive leadership coach and public speaking expert. He spent six years as an executive at Ford and has more than a decade and a half of experience in...

  • Connect with Scott and refine your communication skills

  • Discuss interview prep, public speaking techniques, how to write speeches

  • Get Scott's advice tailored to you and your specific situation

Hamilton Chan

starting at $250

Hamilton Chan

CEO – Coaching for Startups,
Y Combinator Alum

Startup coaching
and tactical advice

Hamilton Chan is the CEO of Coaching for Startups. He holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University and a JD from Harvard Law School. He worked as an investment banker...

  • Connect with Hamilton and get advice on how to perform as a founder or leader

  • Discuss your Y Combinator application, receive advice on how to attract high profile investors, become a better leader

  • Get Hamilton's advice tailored to your needs

Bobby Umar

starting at $40

Bobby Umar

TEDx Speaker,
Career Coach


Bobby Umar is a 5x TEDx speaker and was featured on Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker list. He has been a leadership and development consultant, speaker, and coach ...

  • Connect with Bobby and improve your public speaking skills

  • Learn how to combat stage freight, craft a good story, captivate an audience

  • Get Bobby's advice tailored to you and your specific situation

Danielle Mills Walden

starting at $100

Danielle Mills Walden

Job Search Expert,
Career Coach

LinkedIn profile

As a retired professional tennis player and current founder & CEO of Headstrong, Danielle Mills helps people reach their fullest potential by unlocking a champion's minds...

  • Connect with Danielle and find your next job

  • Discuss job searching strategies, accessing the hidden job market, standing out in the application pool

  • Get Danielle's advice tailored to you and your specific situation