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Jason Feifer

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Jason Feifer

Editor – Entrepreneur Magazine,
PR Expert

PR and media
pitching advice

Jason is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and hosts the podcasts Problem Solvers and Build For Tomorrow. A novel he wrote with his wife, Mr. Nice Guy, is curr...

  • Connect with Jason and learn how to get your business or work in the press

  • Ask about pitching your business to the media, developing your personal brand, crafting great stories

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Tim Chan

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Tim Chan

Sr. Writer – Rolling Stone,
PR Expert

Career advice
in media

Tim Chan is the Director of Products and Commerce at Rolling Stone Magazine. He is also a producer and consultant to a number of publications and brands across the globe....

  • Connect with Tim and learn about a career as a writer and PR strategy

  • Ask about PR strategy, getting work published, landing a job in journalism

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Aliya Jasmine

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Aliya Jasmine

TV Host – NBC News,
Award-Winning Journalist

Journalism career
and branding advice

Aliya Jasmine, "AJ", is an award-winning television host, producer, and environmental journalist. AJ was the anchor of MTV News in Canada for over a decade and currently ...

  • Connect with Aliya and get advice on how to launch a career in broadcast journalism

  • Discuss how to pitch your business to the media, get covered by local news, build a compelling narrative around your brand

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Tiffany Gaines

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Tiffany Gaines

Forbes Next Honoree

Music business

Tiffany Gaines is the Owner and Founder of SS Global Entertainment, a global online Marketing/PR Agency & Distribution company with a conglomerate of record labels that h...

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  • Discuss ways to make it as a recording artist, producer, agent and manager

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Abhishek Kapur

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Abhishek Kapur

CEO – NEXT Trucking,
London Business School Alum

Scaling and
growth advice

Abhishek Kapur is the CEO of NEXT Trucking, a freight technology platform and digital marketplace connecting shippers and carriers. Abhishek brings a unique blend of glob...

  • Connect with Abhishek and get advice on how to scale startups

  • Discuss how to raise capital, scale businesses, build partnerships

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