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Rune Hauge
Rune Hauge

Rune Hauge

CEO Mentorcam,
Y Combinator Alum


Rune Hauge is the CEO of Mentorcam. Prior to co-founding Mentorcam, Rune founded three different startups and had one successful exit as a founder. Rune graduated business school from NHH and Duke University before embarking on his startup journey. He has raised millions of dollars in venture capital from top tier Silicon Valley VCs and high-profile angel investors. He also took Mentorcam through Y Combinator. A lifelong believer in continuous learning and development, Rune is passionate about mentoring other founders and helping people take the leap into entrepreneurship.

What people ask Rune

  • How do I get introduced to the right investors?
  • I have a meeting with an investor. How should I prepare?
  • Where can I find a co-founder?
  • How should I structure my Y Combinator application?
  • How do I find investors for my first round of startup funding?

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