Customer Testimonials

See how Mentorcam has been a game changer for these users.


“Every mentor I've spoken to has helped us go further a lot faster.”

Clint Rogers

Founder, Creativo Platform

With Mentorcam, I can find a mentor to give me personalized advice on tackling any sort of challenge. You get to learn from leaders who have overcome those obstacles themselves.


“We ended up raising $1.42 million for our company.”

Andrew Smith

Founder, VRRB Labs

What set my successful fundraise in motion was my experience with Mentorcam and the mentors that I met through there.


“I've gotten millions of dollars worth of advice.”

Benji Stark-Elster

Founder & CEO, Freak Athlete Essentials

I'll be using Mentorcam for many years to come. I'm really grateful for everyone on the Mentorcam team making this a reality.


“I’d give Mentorcam five out of five stars. I've been very impressed.”

Mason Fuerst

Co-founder, Motiv

Instead of blazing a trail yourself, you get to follow in the footsteps of people who’ve done it before you.


“I would not have raised $300K if it wasn’t for my mentor.”

Harsh Gupta

Founder, Felvin

I didn’t want generic fundraising advice. There’s generic advice available to everyone. What I wanted was hands-on help with the fundraising process, which I got by working with a mentor.


“We've been able to hyper speed our pre-seed round.”

Christian Durfee

Founder, InvestLink Social

I got exactly what I was looking for in a mentor. Someone who loves to get in the trenches with founders and help build out.


“My mentors helped me deep dive into the mind of the customer.”

Pablo Palafox


We've talked a lot about how to do sales and how to think about the customer. Things that, having a technical background, I don’t know as much about.


“I'd walk out of mentorship sessions feeling much better about building.”

Sagar Chopra

Co-founder, Empower Sleep

My mentor’s advice fundamentally shifted how we thought about the business and what we were prioritizing.


“How have you not signed up yet?”

Angelos Georgakis

Founder, Angelos Georgakis Executive Coaching

As an outsider in the startup world, I needed some support. With Mentorcam, I was able to get an insider's view of the startup ecosystem.

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