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The Fundamental Types of Business Models And Their Strengths

15 Types of Business Models To Consider For Your Business

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What type of business model do you plan to use for your company? Find out more about the best types of business models and how to pick the right one for your startup.

Justin Hall

Justin Hall

Founder & CEO - Haderak
Recruitment Expert


Justin Hall, the visionary behind Haderak, excels in offering comprehensive recruiting services, talent advisory, and ATS implementation solutions. His rich professional history encompasses diverse recruiting environments, such as agency, RPO, and in-house roles at companies like Braze and LiveIntent, where he successfully grew teams with diverse of expertise.

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Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Founder - JourneyEngine
SEO & Marketing Expert


Justin Thomas is the Founder of JourneyEngine, a content marketing agency specializing in EdTech. Over the past 15 years Justin has helped many startups grow, from start to exit and beyond. Justin has worked with several brands including Quantic, Valar Institute and Workvivo among others. Having analyzed hundreds of campaigns Justin has helped the brands he’s worked with to stop relying on paid traffic and generated millions of visits through organic SEO. Justin created JourneyEngine for businesses that want organic growth, without long-term retainers. Justin specializes in helping marketers build organic pipelines fast.

Organic growth
User acquisition
Viral content
Growth strategy
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Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen

CEO - Apprentice
NYT Bestselling Author

The New York Times

Dave Kerpen is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and global keynote speaker. Dave is the co-founder and co-CEO of Apprentice, a platform that connects entrepreneurs with the brightest college students as well as the co-founder and CEO of Remembering Live, a virtual memorial service company. Together with his wife Carrie, Dave founded Likeable Local, a social media software company serving thousands of small businesses, which was acquired in April 2021. Dave is one of the most popular writers in LinkedIn’s Influencer Program, one of the most-read contributors for Inc.com, and has been featured by CNBC, BBC, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, the TODAY Show, the New York Times, to name a few.

Eight figure exit
Angel investor
Inc.com contributor
NYT bestseller
Branding expert
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