Unlocking the Power of Expert Networks

Unlocking the Power of Expert Networks

B2B Sales5 min read

The concept of expert networks, their benefits, and how they can be leveraged to unlock the power of knowledge.

5 Tips for Successful Online Mentoring

5 Tips for Successful Online Mentoring

B2B Sales7 min read

Online mentorship requires a specific set of mentoring skills. Find out how to start mentoring online more successfully with these 5 tips.

The Power of Mentoring: How Mentorship Can Transform Your Startup

The Power of Mentoring: How Mentorship Can Transform Your Startup

B2B Sales5 min read

Mentorship is a valuable but oft-misunderstood resource for founders. Find out how startup founders can benefit from mentorship and what types of mentors are available.

How Solal Kaufmann used Mentorcam to navigate fundraising in 2023

How Solal Kaufmann Used Mentorcam to Navigate Fundraising in 2023

B2B Sales1 min read

Solal Kaufmann used Mentorcam to make sure he was building his company the right way from the start. Working with Robin Daniels, he was able to get clarity about the direction he should take his company in the current fundraising climate.

 Benji Elster says advice from his mentors has been worth millions

Benji Elster Says Advice From His Mentors has Been Worth Millions

B2B Sales4 min read

Wanting to scale business skills to meet the needs of his growing business, Benji Elster decided to reach out to Mentorcam. He says that mentorship has helped him make critical choices on how to best move his company forward.

Why Mason Fuerst Considers Mentorcam a Five-Star Service

Why Mason Fuerst Considers Mentorcam a Five-Star Service

B2B Sales3 min read

Building a marketplace himself, Mason Fuerst used Mentorcam to get pointers on growing his business from our very own CEO, Rune Hauge. Mason says it’s the people behind the product that make Mentorcam exceptional.

6 Statistics That Prove Mentorship Is Worth It for Founders

Is a Mentor Worth It for Founders? These 6 Statistics on Mentoring Say So

B2B Sales6 min read

There are a lot of compelling reasons for startup founders to find mentors to guide them along the journey. But what do the numbers have to say about it? Check out these 6 statistics that demonstrate the value of mentorship.

What Is Pre-seed Funding? How to Raise a Pre-seed Round

What is Pre Seed Funding and How Do you Raise It?

Bootstrapping8 min read

The pre-seed funding stage is easily misunderstood, but getting it right can be what sets your startup on the path to success. Learn about when you should pursue pre-seed funding and how you can find the right pre-seed investors for your business.

How to Set Achievable Goals As A Mentee

How to Set Achievable Goals as a Mentee

B2B Sales6 min read

Setting effective goals is crucial for getting the most out of your relationship with a mentor. Find out how you can use the SMART philosophy to create meaningful, achievable goals for yourself.

What Makes a Mentor and Mentee Relationship Successful?

Why a Strong Mentor and Mentee Relationship Improves Outcomes

B2B Sales1 min read

Mentorship is extremely valuable — it can be the difference between a career that remains stagnant and one that flourishes to reach its full potential. However, not every mentoring relationship ends in successful outcomes. Find out what successful mentors and mentees do to build strong relationships.

Itay Forer

Itay Forer

Co-Founder - Cleanly
Y Combinator Alum

Initialized Capital

Itay Forer is the co-founder of Cleanly, an on-demand laundry & dry cleaning service backed by YCombinator (W15), Initialized Capital, Soma Capital, Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail), and NFL legend Joe Montana. He is a serial entrepreneur, board member, mentor/coach, and active angel investor who has built a startup from the ground up to a 400+ person workforce. Specializes in PMF and scaling companies from 0 to 10. As a mentor, he has helped over 200 founders realize their full potential.

Y Combinator alum
GTM strategy
Building sales team
Finding PMF
Scaling startups
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Davis Clute

Davis Clute

Co-Founder & CEO - Hiccapop
E-commerce Expert


Davis Clute is the Co-Founder & CEO of Hiccapop, a digitally native ecommerce baby products company. Davis started Hiccapop while at Stanford University in 2016 and has since grown the company (with the help of many others) to over $50m in revenue per year without raising any venture capital. He was named to Forbes 30 under 30 for Retail and Ecommerce in 2021. In his spare time, Davis loves teaching entrepreneurship, finance, and business to people of all ages. He has taught everywhere from middle schools to colleges.

Forbes 30 Under 30
E-commerce baby products
Bootstrapped to $50m+
BA Stanford University
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Ben Katz

Ben Katz

Co-Founder & CEO - Happy Head
Fintech Expert

Happy Head

Ben Katz is a serial entrepreneur in the consumer internet space based in Los Angeles. He founded a leading online bank called, and currently runs the online leader in hair loss medicine, He earned his BS and MBA from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania. Ben's specialties include data-driven marketing, discovering product-market-fit, and business development.

Scaled to $25m+ revenue
Wharton MBA founder
Paid media expert
Business development
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